The diagnosis of varicose veins is often clear. However, in order to choose the correct treatment, high quality non-invasive testing is necessary. The best test for diagnosing varicose vein is a venous ultrasound. The Palisades Vein Center is proud to be one of the few vein centers in the area to offer high quality venous ultrasound services on-site through its’ affiliation with Rockland Thoracic and Vascular Associates. The vascular lab is an ICAVL (Inter-societal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories) approved facility. This accreditation assures that your testing meets high quality ICAVL standards for vascular testing. The test is performed, when necessary, on the day of your first visit and is often used to during your actual treatment.

Palisades Vein Center Venous Ultrasound
Christopher Nobles RVT performs a venous ultrasound